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Living Large have some hugely talented musicians who step in to play for us when someone’s unavailable – or if they just want to join the party. They are so brilliant, we wanted to share:

Dave Holmes
Part of the original duo with Paul that became the Bar Blues Band, Dave has helped us out on many occasions playing guitar for Living Large. He is now an official rock star, playing in west end musicals and accompanying the likes of Shirley Bassey, Vanessa Mae and Lionel Richie. He is one of the top session guitarists in London and has just released his debut album entitled “Raw”. We are totally biased but it really is brilliant.

Lawrie Wright
A brilliant pianist, songwriter and all-round accomplished musician. His main band is Rhapsodaisical, whose songs are exquisite, with beautiful, lilting jazz undertones. Find Lawrie at www.myspace.com/rhapsodaisical/music/songs/without-you-60260899

Lisa Peace
Lisa is a very talented, beautiful singer and actress, with a wonderful voice with whom we are privileged to have worked over the years. Lisa has performed in numerous West End shows, and all over the country.

Chichester Music Academy

Paul is a director and co-founder of Chichester Music Academy, a contemporary music school principally aimed at developing aspiring rock star youngsters, tutoring both individually and in bands in guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboards and vocals. Pete (drums) is a tutor at the Academy and Rowan (bass) helped set it up.

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